Student body election results announced

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By Brian Cheung

ASUH-HCC President Kaleo Gagne announced the result of student government election in ASUH-HCC general meeting Monday.

Seven of eight available positions of ASUH-HCC were filled during voting last week. All of the candidates won without opposition. Following the election code, Gagne announced the result of election at the regular ASHU meeting on Monday. meeting today.

President Gagne announced Anthony Park, Souraj Dutta, Clarence Cottrell, Ferdinand Bermudez and Jonah Carino as senator-at-large elected, Sean Brown elected as communications director, and Gerimi Tagonan as president elected.

Vice President remained vacant. The only candidate of VP withdrew earlier before. The new administration will have a re-election or appoint a VP by the new president later.

Gagne mentioned that there were only 13 votes counted in the election.

“Student lounge!” Senator Sean Brown shouted jokingly on students in the lounge. He wondered that why the turnout rate is low. He thought students in the lounge should bring more students to vote after ASUH hosted the election debate in there.

Brown also questioned why Gagne did not include the online voting page’s link on election email blast.

“I found the official website (voting page) from Twitter of the school,” Brown said. He said he hardly found the voting page.

He thought it discouraged students to vote, but Gagne and Vice President Misty Chiechi disagreed. They said the website is put on posters and flyers. Student can easily access on it.

Gagne said the elected team will take office on April 25, with the ceremony on STAR Awards. The new administration will serve until next April. Every position of the student government will be open in next year’s election.

Only four of the seven elected candidates were present in the meeting for the announcement, included Carino, Park, Brown and Tangonan.

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