Ka Lā is Hawaiian for “The Sun”. Similar to the Sun‘s illumination on Earth, our mission is to
enlighten our readers about Honolulu Community College‘s student life and the University of
Hawai’i community as Ka Nupepa o Ke Kula Nui Kaiaulu o Honolulu, “The Honolulu Community College Newspaper”.

Ka Lā News is the student newspaper of Honolulu Community College. The student newspaper started in the 1970’s called Kahili. By the early 2000’s, the name changed to Ka Lā. We post weekly campus news pertaining to the student body at Honolulu CC. Featured news stories are produce by staff writers and student submissions from journalism classes. Ka Lā News is a publication of the Student Media Board and is financed through the Student Media Fee. All content reflects only the views of student staff writers and not of Honolulu Community College. The Student Media Board reserves the right to edit content for publication. No content published in Ka Lā News may be reprinted or republished without permission.


Hawai’i Publishers Association’s 2017 Annual Pa’i Awards
  • Second place in Student Story with “Finally Ready to Take on the Whole World” news student biography for the campus newspaper Ka Lā, by Vania Graves.
College Media Association’s 2014 Apple Awards
  • Best Newspaper for a two-year school with less than 7,500 student enrollment –  Ka Lā, Honolulu Community College
Hawai’i Publishers Association’s 2012 Annual Pai’i Awards
  • First place Ka Lā – School Newspaper Excellence

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