UH Board of Regents Pass New Resolution

The University of Hawaiʻi’ Board of Regents has passed a new resolution.

The new resolution was passed on back on April 15 of this year. It asks the University Administration to create a vision of the future of the UH system. Each campus across the islands were asked to “develop and articulate a vision for a modern rightsized, highly-integrated statewide system of public higher education that reimagines the effective and efficient delivery of education and supports statewide needs without diminution of quality of educational programs, or research level and impact.”

The resolution has received some criticism from students and faculty alike. Some say that November deadline is too soon and does not provide enough time to properly create a plan. Each campus must present to the Board for review and approval at its July 2021 meeting a proposed long-term vision on the reimagined University.

For more information on the topic, click here.

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