Honolulu Community College is offering a new art and sustainability class for Fall 2020

Honolulu Community College is offering a new online class for Fall 2020. ART 196 – Sustainable Art and Design is a course that introduces students to art and designs that implement sustainability practices. This class looks at innovative solutions to destructive past and production methods. Topics such as food production, energy and power production, automation, death/burial practices, and much more will be explored. Learn of ways to be creative and innovative for your own sustainability, and incorporate these methods into businesses and manufacturing practices.

  • ART 196 CRN#20912 class satisfies the Ethics-focus needed for graduation.
  • Sustainability (SF) credit is given in this class
  • Art designation is associated with the class
  • Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S

Register online on your STAR account.

By Allan Salvador
Ka Lā staff writer

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