Music For Life Concert

Photos taken by Kiki Williams

“Music For Life!”
That’s the inspiration for and name of a concert on campus, bringing together former and current HonCC music students.
Music instructor Stuart Nago said he put together the April 7 “Music For Life” concert with a goal of bringing “my music students of past and present together to talk about their experiences taking music classes, life after music school, and to tell us the plans they have for their future music careers.”

The concert started off with Nago welcoming all the attendees, listing all the performers/students and saying how proud he was of their musical accomplishments.


Concert emcee, Brian Chang, then welcomed each musician to the stage. Prior to performing, they would explain their musical background along with past, present, and future accomplishments.


After the first two performers, Nago also known as the performer “Kintaro,” put together a comedy skit that got the crowd rolling with laughter. After a little bit of “Kintaro’s” comedy, he then shared the stage with some of his students, showcasing  some of his musical abilities. That was followed by more of performances by his students.


These performers consisted of students who had taken Nago’s music classes in the past as well as students who are currently taking classes with him.


“I am very happy and proud to say that I am their former music teacher. I know that they are on the right paths and look forward to bright futures that lie ahead for all of them,” Nago said.   “I am looking forward to seeing their music careers continue to develo,  and as a fan, applaud them on! Gambatte!”


List of performers in order of appearence:

Val Vasquez (guitar student)

Nightbloom (Jasmine and Marlene Skurtu)

Thomas Morelli Jr. (Classical guitarist)

Kintaro (aka Stuart Nago) and rhythm specialist (guitar and Cajon) Marshal Machado (guitar student)

Shawn Davenport and Matt Duran (MUS 253 students)

Ayano Saito (ukulele student) and Stuart Nago

Kaniela Nakashima (aka Daniel) and our MC Brian Chang

Entire group sang "Hawaii Aloha"

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