New iPhone7; brighter screen , better camera & more


By Tristynn Maldonado
Ka La staff writer

A customizable home button, two speakers, and a 25 percent brighter retina display, are all things that are coming with the newly released iPhone 7.
Ever since the announcement from Apple, people from around the nation had been anticipating the conference on Sept. 7 when Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, announced the big launch of their new device, that comes with cutting-edge features.
The color line-up includes rose-gold, gold, silver, black and jet black. For all the Instagram addicts, the iPhone 7 also comes with a 12 megapixel camera, compared to the iPhone 6 that comes with 8 megapixels. This means that you can still take “insta-worthy” pictures in low-light situations. In addition, iPhone7 Plus comes with another camera as well that possess’ incredible optical and digital zooms.
However, they are not done surprising us yet. Apple also re-engineered the design. First, they removed the headphone jacks for the more versatile lighting port. If that isn’t your thing, you can always go wireless with the advanced, quick-charging headphones known as “AirPods”. Secondly, the redesign allows the iPhone to be resistant to water, which is pretty amazing since the beach is right in our backyard.

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