IUCN World Congress Connections: Spirituality and Conservation

Speakers at the IUCN High-level Session
Speakers at the IUCN High-level Session

By Jeff Yamauchi
Ka Lā staff writer

The final IUCN World Conservation Congress High-level Session culminated with the nexus between spirituality and conservation. Most of the IUCN forums, sessions, posters, and workshops dealt with more of the science basis of conservation, but given the overwhelming scientific evidence and conclusion that humanity is causing unprecedented destruction to the environment not much has changed in correcting our collective errors.

This session dealt with the disconnect that has to do with our modern quasi-religion of materialism and our insatiable appetite to consume without bounds. What it has left us according to these esteemed religious leaders from various faiths is both the sickness of the soul and of the planet.

What resulted from this session was the underlying love, gratitude, and appreciation for what Mother Earth has freely offered all life that is expressed in many different ways by many different cultures. There appears to be a turning point that is becoming a tipping point which connects both our hearts and our heads. Science is not enough. A more holistic approach obviously is essential to begin overcoming  the devastating environmental crisis. The first steps start with each one of us doing both big and small acts of living more sustainability and consciously as we make our way, together.

For a video of the entire session go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OODWv7itPw

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