Welcome to the Anthropocene

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Eric Rheinheimer reports from the Intenational Union for Conservation of Nature Congress which is meeting this week in Honolulu:
Welcome to the Anthropocene. Were in the age of man! We’ve conquered the world and dominated nature.  There is no part of the planet that has not felt our influence What happens next is our choice.

We can choose to make this place a Garden of Eden or we can continue on our current path of emphasis on infinite growth on a planet with finite resources and continue to consume and destroy our natural resources as if we are at war with mother nature itself.

We have a choice right now: Do we want a future of a clean renewable energy technological utopia or a fossil fueled mad max style dystopia?

We have the technology. We have the solutions. We have the resources. Let’s stop manufacturing weapons and work together to make this planet a beautiful garden that supports us and all the creatures we choose to ally with.

More than 8000 government, NGO representatives, and other concerned citizens have gathered in Honolulu to discuss and work together towards solutions to our current crisis.

  • Some of the important conclusions that I’ve heard so far: given our current monetary system and wealth distribution, more private money needs to be used for projects that benefit the planet, as the state and charitable sources don’t control enough resources.
  • There needs to be more coordination and organization among entities as to who has authority to regulate matters, and in many places, the governments need to be empowered to enforce regulations as the private sector basically has a clear path to do what they will.
  •  Trusting multinational corporations to regulate themselves and do the best for the environment and the people is a mistake, one that needs to rectified both here in the United States and abroad.

That’s what this conference is about. Bringing the right people together so that we can implement the solutions to make sure our planet doesn’t continue down the path of consumption and pollution we currently on.

Planet at the crossroads.

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