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Suspicious man asked to leave the children center

  Campus security officials are looking for a suspicious man who tried to get into the Honolulu Community College children’s center this week.
School officials say that around noon on Wednesday, Jan. 13, the  man  approached one of the teachers at the Keiki Hau‘oli Children’s Center, claiming that he was part of a Manoa research study. When pressed for more information, he claimed to be part of a “study on children who touch themselves.”
A  teacher, who felt that the man was attempting to get access to the children,  demanded that he leave immediately. She had to tell him to leave a second time before he left.
Officials describe the man as in his early 20s with long black hair in a pony tail. He was wearing blue shorts, a short sleeve shirt, with another shirt tied around his wast, and carrying a skateboard.
  The Keiki Hau‘oli Children’s Center is the primary training site for Early Childhood students enrolled in certificate and degree programs at Honolulu CC, and a primary day care center for dozens of young students on campus.

Campus  security searched for the man but could not find him. If anyone saw or knows who this person is, they are asked to   call Campus Security at 284-1270.

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