Honolulu CC 100th Anniversary Video


In February, Honolulu Community College celebrated its 100th birthday. Honolulu Community College (Honolulu CC) was established in 1920 as the Territorial Trade School in Palama. Subsequently, it became part of McKinley High School, but was later reestablished as Honolulu Vocational School. It became the Honolulu Technical School in 1955 before becoming part of the University of Hawaiʻi System as a result of the Community College Act of 1964. In 1966, the Board of Regents approved the name Honolulu Community College and authorized the school to grant Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees.

Honolulu CC is proud to serve the community of Hawai’i to provide education for students to reach their goals for 100 years.

By Allan Salvador
Ka Lā staff writer

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