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TOKYO, Japan & TORONTO, Canada, Oct. 23rd 2015

Kartograff is the world’s first adventure travel contest platform – we’re like a photo contest, but on steroids, and our prizes are awesome, game-changing, life-affirming real world global adventures paid in full. If you’re an adventurer, photographer, experience junkie, writer, blogger, armchair anthropologist or just love traveling, Kartograff is for you. Here’s how it works:

1. We curate unique adventures & experiences and upload them as adventure contests.
2. Members sign up for these limited-space contests by uploading their Pitch, which is very similar to a blog or Facebook post. Pitches are compelling stories, and are meant to show the world that you deserve to win.
3. During the timed, weeklong contest period Kartograff members upvote, downvote and comment upon contest Pitches with the winner determined by most upvotes, least downvotes, and best commentary. Our goal is to reward great storytellers with a conscientious mindset.
4. The winner enjoys their adventure, and has the option of producing a short “documentary” of their trip, which we’ll host on, bringing the process full circle.

Right now we’re running a Beta Test with a cash prize, but will launch a proper Adventure Contest (to Japan!) soon after. All of our contests are limited space affairs, and perfect for students, who we feel have the most to gain from winning a kick-ass adventure.


Kartograff was conceived by two adventure travel enthusiasts, friends from childhood, living on opposite sides of the world, who are looking to bridge the gap between online gaming and real-life experience. We want our winners to put their phones down, get out of their comfort zone, and truly experience the unique cultures & places the world has to offer. Be you, be vibrant, love life!

For further information, questions or interviews, please contact Mr. Christian Forestell, Founder & Creative Director.

Christian Forestell
KARTOGRAFF, Tokyo, Japan
Founder, Creative Director
[email protected]

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