TRIO-Student Support Services offer Summer Bridge Track

TRIO-Student Support Services is offering a Summer Bridge Track that focuses on assisting first year, current TRIO-SSS participants, and persisting TRIO-SSS eligible students.  Those participating get a head start on their academic careers.

The Summer Bridge Program will be offering one course track which includes IS 103 & ENGLISH 100/100S

Interdisciplinary Studies 103

May 26-June 4, 2020


Instructor: Jolene Suda

English 100 (MWF) / English 100S (TR)

May 26– July 2, 2020


Instructor: Ken Quilantang

Courses are free to qualifying students. However, students are responsible for the cost of course text books and any necessary materials. In addition, students are required to attend a mandatory orientation, study hall, tutoring sessions, academic support seminars, and more.


  • Have Honolulu Community College be your home campus
  • Must be working towards a degree
  • Be enrolled at Honolulu Community College for the Fall 2020 semester with at least 6 credits or more
  • Have not already earned a college certificate, associates degree or higher
  • Must be a TRIO-SSS participant

Students interested in enrolling must apply by Monday, April 27, 2020 no later than 4:00pm. Stop by the TRIO-SSS office located in building 7, room 309, for an application.


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