Quarantine violators subject to manhunt after repeated violations

A couple arrested on Tuesday for violating the state’s quarantine order repeatedly broke the rules.

On Tuesday, Kimberly Kim Tien and Edwin Htun, visitors from Las Vegas and Sydney respectively, were arrested after a hotel manager turned them in for violating emergency rules. All passengers coming to Hawaii, whether a visitor or resident, are required to follow a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine, which doesn’t even allow them to leave their lodging to buy food or groceries.

The LayLow, Autograph Collection manager reported the couple after an “irate” citizen flagged Tien for making Instagram posts that showed she was venturing outside of her Waikiki hotel room before she had completed her quarantine.

The two apparently repeatedly left their hotel room from the day they arrived, April 15, through Monday.

Once the couple were released from custody, they checked in to another hotel in Waikiki, and broke quarantine rules again. The couple were located Wednesday, April 22, following a manhunt. They are now at Daniel K. International Airport with law enforcement supervision awaiting to board a California-bound flight.


By Kristofel Abella
Ka Lā staff writer

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