Hawaiian agriculture has big potential, expert says

Research supports what  communities have known for a long time: that Hawaiian ancestors were expert stewards of the land, cultivating at the highest levels, supporting large populations in an ecologically sound and adaptive way, a land-use expert told a campus audience on Thursday.
Dr. Natalie Kurashima, Integrated Resources Manager for Kamehameha schools, shared research that focused on the  indigenous Hawaiian agriculture in the  past, present, and future.

The study demonstrates, she said, the food producing potential of indigenous agriculture in Hawaii, even under current and future land use and climate changes, highlighting the value restoration into the future to meet self-sufficiency goals.

Next week’s Sustainability Committee presentation is a talk on the  Citizen Forestry Program. It will be held at 10 .m.  Wednesday, Feb. `1 12 in the Loui Room.  Everyone is welcome. .

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