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The fishing boat captain who is also an artist


Travis Myking is the captain of a longline fisherman vessel, the youngest captain in the state of Hawaii. He is also an incredible artist. ln these photos Honolulu Community College journalism student KeithTsukamaki captures both sides of his life.

Being a longline fisherman there are long periods of waiting while traveling to their fishing destinations, During these times, Travis has practiced and perfected his hobby of creating very detailed artwork. This type or artwork has gotten him through the hardest times, and it is amazing how he is able to keep a steady hand, even through the roughest of waters. Travis has worked very hard the last twenty years and has spent most of his time on the water.

Travis invited me onto his fishing vessel the day before they set out on their month long fishing trip. He showed me some of the tasks that are necessary  before every trip. Some of the tasks included filling the ice room with fresh ice, fine tuning the diesel engine, moving the boat from the icing station, and also showed me his GPS fish tracking program and navigation systems. He stressed the importance of being a diesel mechanic, because there are hundreds of things that could go wrong. Being in the middle of the ocean and being the captain, he responsible for the lives of his crew members. He must be able to fix any problem the engine may face to ensure the safety of himself and his crew.

After he showed me the ice room, living quarters, engine room, and wheel house, he demonstrated his expertise by moving his 100 ft. fishing vessel. He was able to parallel maneuver the vessel into a parking stall with about one foot one foot of space on each side. It really was incredible.

After we left the boat he took me to the fish auction where they sell their catch. It was amazing to see the action first hand and see exactly where the fish we enjoy at restaurants comes from every single day. He then treated me to fresh sashimi which literally melted in my mouth. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to further understand what my best friend did for a living. He also invited me on a fishing trip, but I was very reluctant as I know how hard they work on those boats with no sleep and crazy waters to bring us the fish that we love so dearly.

These pictures were taken at Travis’ penthouse in Kailua, Oahu, on his fishing vessel the Marie M. at pier 38, and at the Honolulu fish auction.

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