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UH Manoa esports team undefeated

By: Kerman Whiting and Angelo Dela Cruz

UH Manoa’s esports team received an honorable mention in a tournament last week.

UH Manoa remains undefeated after three weeks of regular season play against other colleges.

UH esports runs 5 teams across 2 games which are Overwatch and League.

“It’s really amazing given that this is our first time competing—ever in an organized tournament, and we are mentioned along with UCI,” said Kauweloa, Nyle Sky Kauweloa is a graduate assistant at the School Of Communitcations

UH and The University of New Mexico will go head-to-head in January, competing in the next round of the tournament. From there, the top teams from each division will find out on February, who they will move on to play on the bracket stage.

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