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Bookstore offers a lot more than just books

By Aili Fields
Ka La staff writer

The bookstore at Honolulu Community College offers food, drinks, college textbooks, apparel, and many more items to people at HCC.
“Ice cream always makes them happy,” says store manager Shelly Oikawa. Food and drinks are the most sold at the bookstore by HCC students.
“This one time, I had a rough day after getting a bad grade on my exam, so I decided to get a twix ice cream, which is one of my favorites from the bookstore before going home, and that saved my mood for the rest of my day” said Ruby Fields.
One thing that Oikawa noticed is that students tend to buy cup noodles during colder seasons and jackets/ hoodies which is already popular because the AC in the schools buildings makes students feel cold.
Oikawa was promoted to become a store manager at HCC five years ago when she was a bookstore manager at Windward Community College back at the time. She says that the busiest time at the bookstore is one week before school begins or the week after because many people come to purchase textbooks for their classes.
One thing that she would like to improve in the book store is to receive new food opportunities and get more clothing opportunities for students. “We are always open to suggestions when it comes to selling new products,” says Oikawa. She would like to encourage students to share new ideas to improve the bookstore to satisfy students interests.
“The bookstore is a really friendly place. Meeting new students and talking to them or getting to know them like learning about what classes they are going to take during the semester is a fun experience,” said Oikawa.
Bookstore worker Kaikoa Viveiros likes working at the bookstore because “It’s chill, has flexible hours because they’re understanding towards college students, and easy to work there”. Viveros believes that the most sold product in the store is the Arizona drink.
Every year, there is a T-shirt design contest that takes place around the month of April and students are able to create a design and enter the contest for their design to be used and sold for HCC students. “It is fun because there is pride in it” said Oikawa.
University of Hawaii at Manoa and HCC apparel is sold at the bookstore so that students can represent the school they go to or may go to in the future. During graduation season, graduation gowns and stuffed animals are also sold to upcoming graduates.

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