The student newspaper of Honolulu Community College

Math professor retiring after 39 years

Michael J. Kaczmarski, a professor in the Mathematics department, is retiring after working at Honolulu CC for almost 39 years.

During his time at HonCC, Kaczmarski was able to teach many classes in the math department saying, “I’ve taught just about every math course ever offered here at Honolulu Community college, except for two of them that are recently created.”

After retiring, Kaczmarski plans on staying on island and doing a lot yard work and house repairs. He also plans to occasionally visit the Philippines where he and his wife own a condo near where their family live.

Although he is retiring, Kaczmarski is considering coming back to HonCC as a part time instructor.

When he leaves HonCC, Kaczmarski admits he will miss his fellow instructors.

“I especially enjoy my colleagues in the math department. We have never had animosity towards each other, ever. We may have disagreed, but we always got along,” he said.

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