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Pizza and Halloween: A true story,

Honolulu CC English 100 student Christine Andres also is a delivery driver for Papa John’s pizza in Honolulu.  Here’s her report on what it’s like to work on Halloween night.

At  Papa John’s and other Hawaii pizza restaurants, Halloween is one of the most busiest times of the year.

You are probably wondering “Why would it be busy on Halloween?”

Well, many families are getting ready to dress up for the night and don’t have the time to cook dinner and what can go wrong with ordering pizza?

The rush begins around four o’clock in the evening, once it begins it does not stop. There are many deliveries that night, with the screen full of orders and all the in-stores rushing to make it within time.

We were all working bees. The in-stores are running around prepping food, grabbing dough and getting everything in the oven in the right order. The drivers are running out with hot bags full of pizzas, taking triple delivery runs in and out the door.

This lasts until eight o’clock at night, when  it finally slows down.

As a driver, you get to see  many of the kids working the streets for trick or treating. At many of the delivery runs, there are families dressed up. Some are policemen and women, wearing masks, or dressed up as super heroes. The drivers have to be extra careful with all those kids and families on the street.

The most memorable delivery run last Halloween night was delivering five large pizzas to a costume party. There were a lot of adults that night with music blasting from the distance and the smell of alcohol from the adults who answered the door when I knocked. They complimented me how cute I looked and gave me a $15 tip that night.

It was worth working on Halloween night.

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