GenCyber 2017 comes to HonCC

Chris Garcia, Writer
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The GenCyber program is bringing its technology summer camp over to HonCC. This is a great chance for those interested in the world of computing. From cryptography to programming, GenCyber will walk through the basics. The camp will be held on the HonCC campus in Building 13 and at the Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training (PCATT), Building 2, from June 5th through June 9th.

A key goal of the program is to “encourage and inspire” younger students to take up cybersecurity. Key goals of the GenCyber program is to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, teach students to practice safe on-line behavior, and introduce them to the different educational and career pathways available to them after high school. Thus, only students from Kindergarten to 12th grade are eligible for sign-up. There will be a separate camp for teachers in parallel with the student camps.

During the free four-day camp, members will learn the in-and-out of an internet layout; direct a robotic car with lines of code; become aware of cyber attack signals and stages; and make use of navigation technology. GenCyber will be collaborating with the HonCC Hulili Ke Kukui Hawaiian Center. Members will learn about the Native Hawaiian culture in a unique way in a special event during the camp.

Members will be interacting with technology hands-on, in a classroom and outdoor setting. The program will be offered in two camps: a beginner’s camp and an intermediate one. The beginner’s camp is geared for students who are new to the Information Technology (IT) field. Those who have attended the beginner’s camp in the past can take the intermediate camp.

Photos from 2016 GenCyber Oahu CTF Exercise Gallery ( and GenCyber 2016 Gallery (

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