Honorable Homecoming

 Photos By: Tiera Spencer

Story by Gerimi Tangonan

On October 15, 2016, Honolulu Community College’s very own Student Activities Board held its first off campus event. Students from Honolulu Community College were invited to attend their very first off campus event sponsored by Student Activities Board. In order to support UH Rainbow Warriors’ Homecoming, twenty-four tickets were purchased for HonCC Students who were interested in joining, however, only a handful were redeemed the day of the event. Although the event coordinator gave their best efforts, sadly, not all of the students were able to show up the day of the game. Even though the turnout of HON CC students were low, the attendance at the game did not cut close to those who showed their support. Prior to UH Homecoming event, the parking lot was packed with high spirited and excited fans prior to the start of the game. Parking spots were filled to the top with last minute Rainbow fans who were rushing into the stadium an hour prior to kick off. Many people were directed to finding alternative parking outside of the stadium such as Radford High School or Leeward Community College. During the game, the stands were filled with all shades of green from top to bottom cheering on the Rainbows from beginning to end. Some of the fans had their ‘war paint’ with black and green to represent their home team.

During the battle that took place on field, the UH Rainbow Warriors were constantly fighting to reach above the UNLV Rebels. Unfortunately, no one would have guessed the disappointing outcome of that night’s game. The final score of the UH Homecoming was 38-41. The teams were neck and neck scoring again and again. Neither side wanted to lose without a fight, however, with UNLV getting the final end zone kick, it went all downhill from there. Fortunately, the die hard fans stayed until the very end of the brutal battle to showed their love and support to each and everyone of the football players. I believe It gave the Rainbow Warriors a bitter sweet ending to their final homecoming game.

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