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Students gather for culture day on campus

Students and Faculty from Honolulu CC celebrated 2017 Culture Day with different activities in the Student Lounge on Thursday. The room was filled with much excitement and energy, not only from the participants but also from the many different ways of life on display.
In the past, Culture Day had taken many different forms. Gerimi Tangonon, a member of Student Life and Development, explained that there was no one true way to celebrate. Sometimes there is a day for a specific culture, sometimes more than one culture is celebrated. Tangonon said, “…we had German, Italian …food for people to sample.”
This year’s Culture Day provided a multitude of different knowledges. For some, it was more than just a showcase of arts and crafts – it was learning about different ways of life.
HonCC participants could enjoy learning the art of origami. Mayumi Hirata of the Language Arts Department taught learners how to transform paper into swans, coasters and multi-purpose cups. The International Cafe also guided people on how to use Katakana, a form of Japanese writing, to write non-Japanese names into Japanese.
Emily Kukulies, director of Student Life and Development, spread the wonders of batik crafting, an Indonesian style of fabric design. She handed out cloth bags, glue and paint for learners to work with. The crafters would put glue in a desired pattern on the cloth bag, then take it outside, where it would be blown dry with hair dryers. This would harden the glue, making it solid enough to paint over.
Hawaiian Center’s Division Chair Mark Alapaki Luke guided those pounding poi. He and others with the Hawaiian Center set up a poi ounding area, complete with a stone mortar and leaves to put the delicious mashed product in.

By Christ Garcia, Ka La staff writer

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