Students seem to like new cafeteria at HonCC

HonCC’s renovated cafeteria, Hale ‘Aina, opened on Monday and there was much enthusiasm.
Students, faculty, and visitors alike can once again grab their meals and relax in the air conditioned space.
“I couldn’t be happier…when [Hale ‘Aina] finally opened,” said Michi Holland, owner of “Cooking Fresh,” who in charge of the kitchen section of the building. “Everyone I interacted with had a really positive vibe.”
Most people seemed to approve of the new facility.
“We saw people walking out of it, so we checked it out,” said Una Flux, who has been a Trio-SSS coach for two years. It “looks a lot cleaner…a lot less [congested]. There was also “no offensive furniture.”
Aeronautics major Tise Tialavea sees comfort in the room design.
“It’s nice, I can actually sit down and relax,” he said. Holland hopes that Hale ‘Aina becomes a popular spot for students to hang out.
“It’s about time they got done with the renovation,” said Rainee Pakele, an administration of justice major who visited the previous cafeteria.
Cooking Fresh has only started serving in the cafeteria for two days, but Holland is “going to be adding things every day.” In the back corner, to the left of the food line, Holland plans to build “The Corner,” a small shop serving snacks, expressos, frappes, fruit smoothies and acai bowls.
“Some acai bowls cost eleven or twelve dollars,” Holland says. Holland hopes “to keep it under seven dollars.” Other food options for Hale ‘Aina will include paninis, stuffed hashbrown waffles, and parfaits.
— By Christopher Garcia, Ka La staff writer

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