Ka La takes on K-pop and Cosplay at Kawaii Kon 2016

Photos by Chanelle Amoguis and Cameron Cole

Oahu’s 12th annual Kawaii Kon convention kicked off on April 8, 2016 for a three day event filled with lots of anime, popular panelists, and bright cosplays for everyone to enjoy. Last year’s Kawaii Kon had more than 10,000 attendees, and this year’s Kawaii Kon held over 11,000 guests.


Kpop girl group, Pungdeng-E and Hawaii’s youngest local rock band EMKE, were a couplof the featured performers at the event. Featured guests also included voice actors, Johnny Yong Bosch and Grey Delisle, and professional cosplayers, Jessica Nigri and Leah Rose.

Online pre-registration for Kawaii Kon 2017 is now open and 3-day memberships will now be $48.

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