If it’s V-Day, it might not be love

By Allan Poole

It’s only been like a month since people celebrated Christmas by spending copious amounts of money upon family and significant others. Yet, as soon as the decorations are taken down the department stores rush to push another holiday down our throats.
Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for women to feel appreciated by men in an otherwise dull, unfulfilling, and meaningless relationship.
That statement right there is going to have women up in arms and wanting blood, but when I look at new or old couples on this day, the more extravagant the less one really gives a damn throughout the year.
Let’s face it: This isn’t your parents’ generation from the fifties’ we’re almost at 2020 and none of us has time to squander on sentiment.
If you don’t treat each other right throughout the year what does it matter, except in a way to get back at him by being taken to an expensive restaurant, having an expensive gift bought for you on top of flowers, chocolate, and a stupid cheesy card.
Yet, if the rest of you who attend college are like myself you not only are on a budget, but also don’t have the time to be in a serious relationship,which I’d bet is more fleeting than it is true love, as love is mistaken for lust more often than not.
For those of you who truly do have someone that you care about, I hope that it isn’t so muddled by the rush of daily living that you forget to cherish what you have in that special person and show them the respect, consideration, and affection all the days that you are together, instead of rushing to be insincere on this corporate holiday.

Allan Poole is a student at Honolulu Community College

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