Cafeteria service might start soon

Honolulu Community College may finally be getting its cafeteria up and running again in a few weeks.

Chancellor Erik Lacro said Thursday that the school has found a cafeteria vendor who plans  to move into the vacant cafeteria in a few weeks and begin food service as soon as a contract can be signed.

The announcement came after Hawaii News Now reported on Wednesday that the school had been without a cafeteria for 13 months and students were complaining about the lack of food options on campus.

Lacro said Thursday the school had worked for four months to have Kapiolani Community College operate its culinary apprenticeship program from the HCC cafeteria, but negotiations broke down over who would pay the electricity costs for the cafeteria operations.

After the school cafeteria opens again, the school plans to keep some of the food truck vendors on campus to provide a variety of food for students.

Further down the line, the school is planning a $1.75 million renovation of the cafeteria building. That project is expected to start next summer.



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