Nintendo’s Smash 4 a winner

SmogesboardGame Review by Sean Brown

Ka La staff writer

Nintendo’s killer app Arena Brawler franchise finally returns, boasting 50+ characters on the roster from a wide range of game genres, eras, platforms, and developers.

Old standbys such as Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, and Marth battle it out against newcomers such as Little Mac, Mega Man, Shulk, and Pac-Man for one of the most diverse rosters in any fighting game.

Unpopular changes from previous iterations see themselves out and new changes are welcomed in, helping to meld the latest Super Smash Bros game into what is perhaps the pinnacle of the series.

While there are fewer options available for solo play, as well as a lack of a single player story mode as there was in the previous entry, Smash 4 brings the heat to multiplayer, even allowing up to eight players to fight it out at once. By embracing both the casual and competitive scenes surrounding Smash, this entry is perfect for fun amongst friends as well as settling scores with rivals.

Tight controls, beautiful graphics, a massive roster, and solid local multiplayer ensure that this entry to the franchise won’t be so quickly tossed aside as Brawl was,
and might finally be the Super Smash Bros game to usurp Melee as the beloved favorite.

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