Day 2 Impeachment Trial: Republicans not convinced

The second day of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial introduced detailed and damning documentation of the events leading up to the January 6 riot at t he US Capitol by the House impeachment managers.

A series of Democratic House members laid out the numerous tweets and public comments from former President Trump which laid out the foundation for the Big Lie which climaxed in the violent rioting on the Capitol on January 6.

House impeachment managers presented video evidence, some that had never been seem before, depicting various violent and graphic moments of the insurrection.

Many GOP senators said that the video shown was compelling and hard to watch. Some claimed that the Democrats did not make a convincing enough argument that tied the actions of the rioters to former President Trump.

Impeachment managers will continue to make their case against Trump tomorrow. The trial resumes at noon. They have up to 16 hours spread over two days to convince GOP senators that Trump was responsible for inciting the deadly Capitol riot.

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