New COVID-19 testing site in Kaka’ako

There is a new medical office in Honolulu offering COVID-19 testing.

Wellness 4 Humanity recently opened its doors at 250 Ward Ave. in Kaka’ako, and offers rapid antibody, antigen, and two types of saliva tests. 

“Our most important PCR is probably our interisland pre-approved test to get out of quarantine, which right now, works for Maui and the Big Island. That test costs $199 and we use Clinical Labs of Hawai’i to process those tests,” Wellness 4 Humanity manager Jamie Mensching said. 

Results are expected to be back in 72 hours with a 99 percent accuracy. Wellness 4 Humanity offers rapid antigen testing, which detects the active virus within 15 minutes. The price of rapid antigen testing at Wellness 4 Humanity is $169 per test. 

Rapid antibody tests at Wellness 4 Humanity cost $99 each, and is used to determine if a person was exposed to the virus. Results are expected back in 10 minutes. 

Remote testing for businesses on location are also available.

To schedule a test, click here.

By Kristofel Abella
Ka Lā News staff writer

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