School launches new payment plan

By Tee Goda

Anyone that has ever worried about having to pay for college now has an option of spreading out their payments for school in four fixed payments, but you need to hurry there are only 2 more weeks left to sign up.

According to the University of Hawaii News, the new installment plan option will be rolling out just in time for the upcoming fall 2019 semester. The university states that, “the Installment Payment Plan is intended to help students manage tuition and fee payments.” What this means for students among all UH campuses is that it will hopefully make school more affordable, allowing individuals the ability to focus on the important things such as class, balancing a social life, and catching up on their Netflix shows.

Students should note that the plan will set them back $30 upfront upon enrollment, but that’s like three plate lunches, and they also need to make sure to be signed up by Thursday, August 15 at 4 pm. For students awarded financial aid for the fall 2019 semester don’t need to worry because the plan is available to you too, but for anybody with questions or need more information the University says to, “contact the individual campus cashier’s offices.” So instead of sweating about how you’re going to pay for tuition this semester look into the newest option at helping students fighting debt.

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