New mural greets students

By Adina Murakami
Ka Lā editor
“Estria” Miyashiro, John“Prime” Hina and several local graffiti artists are generating a  buzz with a vibrant, comprehensive illustration of local wate issues, utilizing the side of the JBL building near Honolulu Community College as their super-sized canvas.
The 5,500 square foot mural which fronts HCC’s gravel parking lot is the third in a series of 10planned “Water Writes,” muralMiyashiro is planning to address global water issues in local communities around the world
“We look at using public art as a bull horn to address community rights and environmental issues. First. we wanted to address “Water Writes’ and water issues, which seems to be the over archingtheme,” Miyashiro said.
The $12,000 mural is sponsored by The Estria Foundation in conjunction with 808 Urban and local youth organizations, along with donations from Home Depot, Benjamin Moore and several other contributors.
The project began in June and took more than 340 cans of spray paint to create the 25 foot tall, 185 feet long backdrop for the parking lot of Honolulu Community College.


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