Sights, sounds of a new semester

The library is filled with students studying and relaxing. The sound of crisp pages turning and computer keyboards clicking fill the ears of all that enter. The sense of a fresh semester is in the air, like the scent of new books. Outside, a diverse group of students and teachers walk busily around campus. Some students rush to class with books in hand and papers bulging out of their bags, while others stride along freely, chatting and laughing with friends. Although most students seem unmoved from the start of a new semester, others walk around awkwardly with a look of utter confusion. In the parking lot, students get dropped off while others must cope with the stress of finding a parking spot. The sounds of construction collide with the sweet chirps of birds in distant trees as people make their way to their destination.
Even with the steady flow of bodies through HonCC, there is still a calmness that sweeps across the campus. Looking around, campus observers can find so much life. We shouldn’t worry too much over what tomorrow brings when there is so much to be grateful for today. It’s a new year, a new semester, and a time to try new things and discover new beauties.
Story by Danielle Fielder, Photos by Christopher Garcia

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