What you need to know as two hurricanes approach

A message from campus security:





As you are all probably aware by now, there are two hurricanes headed our way in the next couple of days.

The National Weather Service and State officials are monitoring Hurricane Madeline and Hurricane Lester.  The effects of Hurricane Madeline may start impacting Hawaii Island as early as today.  Lester is not far behind and is also expected to impact the state of Hawaii.

Please follow the National Weather Service (http://www.prh.noaa.gov/cphc/), other official agencies and local media for the latest weather news.

All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to sign up for UH Alert to be informed via text message about emergency situations affecting our 10 campuses http://hawaii.edu/alert.

Notifications affecting UH campuses will be posted at http://hawaii.edu/emergency.

Please remember the importance of personal preparation for natural disaster events.   Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (http://www.scd.hawaii.gov/) recommends residents and visitors take the following actions to prepare for any possible hurricane or tropical cyclone:

Talk with family members about what you plan to do if a hurricane or tropical storm threatens. Make an action plan that includes details such as whether or not your family plans to evacuate.

Download the Ready Hawaii app from the iTunes or Google Play store. This app can aid in your emergency planning and will list shelters if they are opened for evacuation.

Walk your property and check for potential flood threats. If time and conditions permit, clear your gutters and other drainage systems.

Identify small outdoor items that could be picked up by high winds. Make a plan to bring these items indoors if a hurricane/tropical storm watch or warning is issued.

Set aside an emergency supply of any needed medication and keep a copy of your prescriptions in case you run out of medication after a disaster.

Preparing for natural disaster… whether it’s a hurricane, tsunami, flood, or some other event…could mean the difference in survival. Taking the time to assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit to meet the basic needs of your household will help bridge the temporary loss of everyday conveniences.  Please take the time to view the hurricane checklist below and remember that the key to safety in situations like this is preparation.

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