Maunawili trail access upsetting residents

9948825_GBy Paul Akana
Members of the Maunawili estate community association told city planning officials they’ve had it with the thousands who access the Maunawili trail through their neighborhood.“This is so disruptive for the neighborhood. This is like having a fourth of July parade every weekend day in your neighborhood,” said Maunawili resident Diana Nicholson.

Access to the falls has been a hot issue for decades.

In 1986 HRT LTD. was allowed to build two golf courses and a clubhouse in Maunawili Valley on this condition: the public gets access to the falls.

Fast forward 30 years,  and residents are fed up with crowds, cars, and litter. Now the city’s reconsidering that requirement.

“I don’t think HRT is in opposition if condition 8 were to be deleted,” said HRT attorney Del Wong.

“However, if there were to be a modification that involves a relocation of the trail head, I believe that may have adverse impacts on HRT.”

The state is already looking at alternatives.  In a report to the legislature, the DLNR suggests a more efficient route to the falls may be along the Old Government Road— that crosses HRT’s property. But first the state needs to prove it owns the road.

“We feel strongly that it’s state property under the highways act, and so we’re gonna go forward and try and claim our ownership of it,” said DLNR’s Aaron Lowe.

Low says they’d like to work with HRT to discuss the possibility of constructing an unimproved parking lot on HRT land that would serve as the trail head.

Wong says if changes are mandated, HRT would like to work with the city and other stakeholders to discuss a relocation site, how it would be paid for and how it would be maintained.

The city will issue a decision on the public access condition  by March 23rd.

(Story taken from KITV4News)


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