Don’t fret: 6 things to do on Valentine’s Day

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Photo credit: Fly

By Larry Medina
Ka LĀstaff writer
Ugh, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Yah, it’s just another day, with red and pink greeting cards, lovey-dovey pics being posted on FaceBook and Instagram, couples holding hands and smooching in public, along with pink aluminum-wrapped Hershey’s Kisses, and roses by the dozen. Along with this past Christmas, Valentine’s Day gears up to be quite a depressing day for us singles who don’t have a special somebody.
Well, we single folks can do stuff on Valentine’s Day, too! We’re just as awesome as those couples, and we can spend just as much money and time on crazy fun things. And maybe we singletons will end the day happier than those who are attached.

1. Try Score
Yah, so you’ve been checking out that hot guy in Math class, and been dying to talk to him – and what better day than today! You’ll never know until you do. Go up to him (or her) and say “hello” and give them a compliment. Nice eyes? I like your laugh? And by the way, I was wondering what are you doing this weekend? If you got the hots for someone, they deserve to know that you have a crush on them – no harm done in making the first move. And if they don’t reciprocate, that’s all right; at least you know for sure if something could have come from it.

Show some
family love
OK, if you’re the altruistic type and want others to experience some love, how about looking at some of the guys and gals in your family circle. Why not? They DO mean something to you, right? Get your folks something – yah, your PARENTS. I mean, they raised YOU. When was the last time you told them you loved them? How about your brothers, your sisters? Catch up with a cousin you didn’t have a chance to talk with last Thankgiving. How about that aunt of yours who used to babysit you, and now she’s all alone because uncle passed away a few years back. Oh gosh, how about spending the day with your kids (if you’re a single parent)?

Show some
family love
What the hell, right? If couples will be hitting the town on Valentine’s, then why not you and some friends? And ONLY friends – yah, keep couples out of this, because we singles will also be spending time with friends we love. Avoid all those fancy restaurants because places like these may trigger past memories of relationships long gone; we’re trying have a good time, now, not go into depression. Or why not just throw a backyard party? Be grateful you can pa’ina on Valentine’s with people you truly love, instead of being on a blind date that evening, just because.
Stay home.
Yah, stay home. Why not, yah? Order a large Supreme from Pizza Hut and a 2-liter of Coke, then show the delivery guy some love and tip generously. Grab a couple of movies from Redbox, or browse through NetFlix that evening. Pull out that textbook and study up on that Hawaiian language class you’re taking. Take stock in the realization that you have an option to go out and mingle at some singles bar, but decided to stay put.
Brah, Treat Yourself
Yep, no have to worry about spending kala on someone else, when you can just hit the malls (or and spend on yourself. And why not? After blowing all your money on getting gifts for other people this past Christmas (and getting junky stuff in return), now’s the day to hit Ala Moana Center and treat yourself to a Cinnabon and a latte from Coffee Bean. Get that iPhone 6 you’ve been jonesing for. Hit Zara (their clothes are pretty stylish and cheap). Valentine’s is day not just for couples, but for singles, too.

6. Hit that
bucket List
While everyone else will be crying because they’re single (or if they’re taken and want to get out the relationship – yikes!) why not do something you’ve been putting off doing? Do something memorable and interesting for the day. Go trail biking; go hiking; grab some snorkel gear and hit Hanauma Bay; how about that surfboard that’s been collecting dust in your garage since summer? The truck’s dirty – go wash it. The dogs are dying to go running in the park – go take them! If you’ve been waiting for a weekend to take on something special, Valentine’s weekend would be the time to do

In conclusion
A good attitude on Valentine’s Day is the way to go without feeling guilty or sad that you’re not attached. Whatever you do to avoid the funk that comes on Valentine’s, you can end the day knowing you did so happy and satisfied – and you didn’t need to be in a relationship to do it. Anybody and everybody can be your Valentine, right? There’s no reason why you can’t celebrate this day of love. Embrace Valentine’s and dedicate the day to yourself and/or those you choose to spend the day with.

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