Jess Da Best attracts a long line at HCC

IMG_8522 (2)Article by Ka La Staff Member Alyssa Baligad

Hi Cravings hit the main walkway at HCC this past Wednesday with its amazing acai bowls.

Students created a long line outside the Hi Cravings truck eager to order and receive the many acai creations that were offered. Many delicious toppings included healthy bananas, pineapple,  strawberry, papaya, grapes, almonds, and various berries. Hi Cravings also had non-fruit and non-nut items such as its famous cookie dough, sweetened condensed milk, caramel, chocolate drizzle, and other items.IMG_8518

Proud owner Jess Kamana’o, a.k.a. “Jess Da Best”, explains that she gives the choice to costumers to choose healthy or non healthy items because based on her belief of balance. (Paraphrased) “Everything is about balance” she says. She agrees with the concept of that one can have whatever he or she wants to eat, as long as it is in moderation. (Paraphrased) “People can eat non-healthy things as long as they balance it out with healthy food, you don’t have to cut out enjoyable non-healthy sweets completely, you just have to have your limitations.”

Kamana’o changes with the tides and provides fruit toppings that are in season to customers. By doing this she is able to always offer a variation of selections throughout the year. 

Kamana’o, her assistant, and co-owner husband Kalani, were able to drive away from HCC’s campus in good spirits after pleasing many of the college’s students taste buds. Hopefully HCC will see Hi Cravings again in the near future.


Photo taken by HCC student Shai RL

Other photos taken by student and Ka La staff member Alyssa Baligad


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