Kawaii Kon 2015

 From gamer rooms, a fencing room, to the amazing dealer’s room filled with imaginations beyond comprehension and amazing cosplay outfits, Kawaii Kon 2015 was surely an event to mark everyones memory.


This past Sunday, March 27th, last minute buyers scrambled to purchase creations for sell in Kawaii Kon’s dealer’s room and later attended the voice actor’s panel and flooded questions for voice actors Todd Haberkorn, Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, and voice actress Cassandra Morris.


During the closing ceremony the beloved character “Screen” (which is a big actual screen typing out words for the audience to read) made thousands laugh and cheer. Screen also helped all girl rock band Emke with on screen lyrics as they sang closing songs for Kawaii Kon.

The anime filled event is scheduled to come back next year, April 8-10.








Artists Andy Lee and Mark Felizar displaying their Zen style splash painting talent.









Deadpool Cosplay






Photos taken by HCC student Alyssa Baligad

(Artist in slideshow: Heather Matheny-Illustrator/Sculptor)

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