Copper Roses for Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

RosesStudents from the sheet metal program were making copper roses on Wednesday to sell for Valentine’s Day.

The students were making batches of roses everyday in preparation for the fundraiser. It will take place at the front door of the sheet metal class on Friday at 9:30.  They’re going to be selling the roses for 15 dollars a pieces or 50 dollars for four roses. The money will be going to the class for future projects, said Instructor Danny Aiu.

Danny Aiu has been continuing the sheet metal rose tradition for 8 years now ever since a student challenged his ability to be able to make a rose out of sheet metal. They used to make the roses with steel, but this year they decided to make them with copper because it looks better, although it’s more expensive. The students have been working really hard in order to produce the roses. It takes about 3 hours for each team to make 40 roses.

By: Jensen Aguinaldo, Nathan Khounsourath, Gerald Clark, Walter Gibbs, Colby Benson

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