UH issues phishing warning

No PhishingThe UH Information Services department has issued a new warning about Internet phishing attacks using UH email accounts.
The office says attackers are using compromised UH email accounts to try to gain access to usernames and passwords.
To help reduce the number of individuals who are victimized by these phishing messages, officials are reminding students to remember the following:
1. Be vigilant about protecting personal information, such as your UH Username and password and your Social Security Number (SSN). NEVER respond with any personal information (like SSN) to an unsolicited email.
2. Be careful when clicking on links in unsolicited messages, particularly when the link points to a web site that does not begin with www.hawaii.edu or .hawaii.edu.
3. If you think you may have provided your UH Username and password in response to a phishing message, change your password immediately.

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