Student dance-off on campus

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The normally packed student lounge was transformed Wednesday into a dance hall, with more than a dozen students showing off their moves.
The event had students taking their dance cues from a video game and getting their performances scored electronically by the game monitors.’
The event was sponsored by the Student Activities Board.
“We hold events like this every month to for the students to get involved in campus life,” said Arbela Javier, student assistant for the Student Activities Board and a communications Art major.
In addition dancing to the game Dance Central, students could try their moves by following other video games provided by Mobile Gamer Guys, a mobile video game that goes to event in a mini-bus.
“They usually do small parties like the one in the student lounge, but they can provide entertainment for groups of up to 1,000 people,” Shawn Haruno, owner.
Adrian Manaois, a freshman at HonCC, won the dance competition.
Manaois said his dancing experience so that following the moves on the video screen was easy for him.
“The game was a lot more physical than others,” he said.
“I danced by ass off,” he said..
The winner received a $25 Best Buy gift certificate.
In the final round, he defeated Angelo in a dance off to the tune of “Down,” by Shean, Featuring Lil Wayne.





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