Student candidates debate topics

ASUH CapturesAll of the candidates for student government next year are running unopposed, but that didn’t stop a spirited discussion yesterday when the  ASUH-HCC election committee an election debate in the student lounge.

The debate started at 1:15 pm. 8 candidates who running for upcoming ASUH election presented the debate and explained their opinions of school issues. The debated took two hours and about 20 students attended.

ASUH President Kaleo Gagne hosted the debate. After a brief introduction of debate procedure and the ASUH election, Gagne invited the presidential candidate to start the debate.

There  eight candidates include those  running for ASUH-HCC president, vice president, communication director and five senator-at-large.

This debate had two sections, which was answering questions with two given topics and questions from audience. Topics for the debate were campus security and cafeteria.

Vice President Misty Chiechi and Senator-at-Large Brian Cheung asked each candidates’ opinion of about campus security during evening class time, armed guards on campus, and adding food trucks and more healthy food on campus and

Started with Gerimi Tangonan, candidate of president, each candidate answered questions from the host and audience by turn.

Emily Kukulies, Student Life & Development Director attended the debate and asked every candidate a same question: “What is the best part of HCC do you think of?”

Two senate candidates are Deaf. A sign language interpreter translated their words to the audience. Although they did not speak out their words, but they voiced their thoughts actively in different way.

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