Music program growing fast

By Souraj K. Dutta

Ka La staff

mele-01Honolulu Community College started a music program to encourage students to follow a musical career,  whether in the business part of music production or actually producing music for audiences to hear.
“Everything from record companies, musical publishing companies, artist managers, booking agents, marketing and promotions, all of these types of career pathways are all involved in the industry,” said Eric Lagrimas, the program’s interim coordinator and music business instructor. Hundreds of students have gone through the MELE program since it was launched in 2007.
The selections of equipment used in our studios are state of the art recording programs and boards that help students acquire up-to-date training in the music production field.
The selection of this equipment is maintained and guided by MELE’s advisory board, which includes experts in the music industry. Some names that are behind the HCC MELE Program Advisory council members are Leah Bernstein and Jon DeMello,  who are the president and CEO of the Mountain Apple Company, and Charles Brotman, the CEO of Palm Records.
The Mike Curb Studio is made up of two classrooms, three recording studios and one tech shop all located on one floor in Building 2. The Studio was designed by Shimokawa Nakamura architects and Belmont University.
This program at HonCC has been growing more quickly than expected. When they held this semesters meeting to promote the MELE program, the meeting was packed and all the professors kept mentioning the program’s growth,
They went through the program description and even brought in our very first generations of alumni’s to talk about their careers after graduating here.  The alumni had interesting stories to share and have been working with some big projects and artists on the U.S. Mainland and even Australia.
A lot of MELE students like to hang outside Building 2 where the Mike Curb Studio is, spending their time listening to music, playing instruments, and playing original music best suited for each moment there.
These students include musicians, sound engineers, business majors, even emcees, who currently host and throw performance parties and concerts during the semester.
The HonCC MELE program is rapidly increasing and classes are starting to really fill up, so if you’re undeclared and have a high interest in anything music related, here are some things this program can offer you:
A&R coordinator, Recording Engineer, Promotion Manager, Website Marketing manager, Director of Publicity, Artists relations, Disc/video Jockey, Talent coordinator, Personal Manager, tour managers, and the list keeps going.
Go visit your counselor or come see the program director for more information on anything that may interest you in your educational career.

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