Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Harassment and Gender Based Violence

Dear UH Students,

The last year has been perhaps the most difficult and disruptive in our lifetimes.  One of the truly bright spots has been the way people within the University of Hawaiʻi (UH) community and across our islands have extended themselves to care for one another.  But sadly, among many other difficult impacts, we have also seen an increase in domestic and gender-based violence in Hawaiʻi and across the nation.

One way that we can help each other is through the UH commitment to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can achieve academic success and personal growth. Over the past years UH has made significant progress toward addressing this critical issue on all our campuses.  But we can do even more, and we need your help.

To better understand our campus environments and how the university’s policies, programs and resources have affected your educational experience at UH, I urge you to complete the UH Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Harassment and Gender Based Violence. Your voice is critical to our efforts in continuing to create and sustain a path for your success at UH. The survey is:

  • Purely voluntary.  You can exit the survey at any time and for any reason. Some students may find participating in the survey uncomfortable or upsetting. If this happens stop right away and seek help or support from the sources noted in the survey. You can return to complete the survey any time before February 26, 2021.
  • Confidential. You will have a unique access identifier that absolutely no one else will know. You can confidently share information without being identified, and your individual responses will not be reported to UH, which will only review aggregate survey information.
  • Comprehensive in scope and designed to capture important data that will help UH gauge what is happening on our campuses from your perspective as a student and how UH can improve. The survey should only take about 20 minutes to complete, and a report about survey results will be available in late May 2021.
  • Critical to helping UH develop a plan of action to address any findings and improve our campuses for our entire UH ohana.

Your experience at the University of Hawaiʻi truly matters. To help us improve, please take the survey: Click Here to Start the Survey

And please support the effort by using #BeHeardUH on social media.

With my deepest appreciation and thanks,

David Lassner

University of Hawaii President

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