Share ways to celebrate the holidays

Learn how to celebrate the holidays in a sustainable way. Join Honolulu CC in the Waste Not Winter Celebration where you can show people how you sustainably celebrate the events by submitting photos. This is not a competition and is only a platform to share ideas and celebrate diverse traditions.

There are 3 categories of ways to be sustainable during the holidays and some examples for each category.

  1. Festive Decorations (80% or more repurposed materials)
  2. Gift Giving & Wrapping  (80% or more repurposed materials)
  3. Sustainable Feasting (Locally sourced food and/or sustainable leftover dishes)

To contribute to this virtual celebration, submit a photo and/or video of your sustainable practice to this google form.  You can share your entry anonymously or identify yourself.  You can contribute at any time from December 1, 2020 to January 4, 2021. All entries will be compiled into a Padlet where everyone can view.

By Allan Salvador
Ka Lā News staff writer

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