Intramural sports catching on in a big way

By Ronald Santos
Ka Lā staff writer

When student athletes graduate from high school, they sometimes feel the need to compete again. Sometimes these students want to relive some of the fun they had with friends they graduated with. Some students just want to do something to stay active. Others wish to create new friendships through sports. Whatever the case may be, the UH intramural league answers the call.
Last year Honolulu Community College sent one team to represent the school in flag football. Word got around, and soon people came flooding into the student life office to get more information on the intramural sports. This year, HonCC is offering a full range of sports.From basketball and indoor soccer in the fall to volleyball and softball during the spring semester.
So far, it has been a difficult road putting together a proper system to get players together and on a roster. However, the students show great enthusiasm towards the fact that they can play in an official league.
“I think it’s a really good experience. My friends from high school were glad to know there were sports available,” said freshman Halsein Rioca. Students are signing into using their Myuh portal to join premade teams. The problem with this is that the number of teams is limited and people miss the chance to join the intramural league. There is also the problem of not having anyone to send to the team captain’s meeting at Manoa, since technically the person who makes the team is the captain.
Ultimately, the goal for this fall intramural season is to introduce students to the Imleagues system, so that they can become familiar with the website and ultimately create their own team at HonCC.

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