Hawai’i ranks number one for wellness in the U.S.

Hawai’i is number one in the U.S when it comes to wellness and demeanor, according to 2018 Gallup post. Hawaiʻi has held the top spot for seven years and this also marks the eleventh consecutive year the state has been in the top ten.

The scores are based on factors of overall well being including career, social, financial, community and physical. According to Gallup, Hawaiʻi leads all the other states in the categories career, social, and financial.

Throughout the year of 2018, 115,000 adults were surveyed in all 50 states.

Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Vermont, Delaware, South Dakota, and North Dakota are the other states in the top 10 during the year of 2018.

Gallup Survey

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