Water Stations will Install with Student Body

ASUH Captures

Water stations like this have already been installed at UH-Manoa and LCC. They'll be coming to HCC next semester.
Water stations like this have already been installed at UH-Manoa and LCC. They’ll be coming to HCC next semester.

By Brian Cheung

ASUH senators on April 28 voted and approved  installing water stations which will allow people to refill their bottles. They  will be set up later this year.in Building 2 using   funds from the student body.

With 11 members presenting, the Senate established quorum to approve motions. President Kaleo Gagne gave a report that the student body had safe surplus fund for this year. This fund will be roll over to next administration and can be used next semester. But the executive board decided to use a part of the fund to install water machines in Building 2.

ASUH Head Advisor Emily Kukulies said that both UH Manoa and Leeward CC had installed water stations in their campus. The money will go to  installing of the machine and buying water. It will be free for students.

“This is a part of the process for sustainability on saving water bottles,”  Gagne said. He said the water stations will help people to reuse their water bottle, and water quality from the machine is very good.

Since UH Manoa and LCC had applied and installed this machine, HonCC will use the same water machine provider. The senate voted and approved the project after discussion.

UH president meets students

Members of the University of Hawaii student caucus gathered at Honolulu Community College campus Monday morning for a meeting that included a session with UH President M.R.C Greenwood, second from the left in the front row.

Later in the day, caucus members were briefed by city officials on the planned Oahu rail development, which will have its own station at HonCC.

Old, new set course for ASUH future

KaLā Photo by Adina Murakami
Past ASUH-HCC President Howard Kam meets his successor, Ryan Adverderada.

By Adina Murakami
Ka Lā editor
The new head of student government at Honolulu Community College is looking to plant seeds of volunteerism within the student body and promote a feeling of compassion and camaraderie at the school.
Ryan Adverderada was elected last spring to serve as president of the Associated Students of the University of Hawaii-Honolulu Community College until the end of spring 2012.
Adverderada worked as a promotions intern for two years and acknowledged the value of utilizing the media to promote his agenda for the Honolulu CC student body. Read more