Tools of the Trade

We in Ka Lā beam with pride and arrogance that we publish the paper and this website on (mostly) our own personal equipment. No, really.

So not only is the campus newsroom run by students, it’s equipped with students’ own stuff. That’s what you call taking ownership of the place. Now where would Ka Lā be without the humble generosity of our student staff? Besides, we prefer to play with our own toys.

The paper is laid out on Ka Lā advisor’s own personal iMac using Adobe InDesign.

A former staffer brought in a table, while another donated a Keurig. Students take turn supplying the coffee, along with bottled water, chips, saimin, and cookies.

Student-owned video equipment include a Sony DCR-TRV320 MiniDV camcorder, Sony HDV-H1U HDV/DVCAM camcorder, and a Canon GL2 DVCAM camcorder, for collecting news clips and producing documentaries.
Student-owned photo equipment include a Nikon D200 SLR, (2) Canon G10’s, and (2) Sony A700 SLR’s. Everyone shoots photos and video with their own phones (we aren’t equipment snobs).

HonCC is nice enough to provide the newsroom with (2) Canon Rebel SLR’s (T2i and T5i).

Photos and video are edited on (4) PowerBook G4 laptops and (3) IBM ThinkPad laptops.
Various software is used for photo and video editing. For photo editing, it’s Google Picasa. For video editing, it’s Windows Movie Maker, iMovie HD, and Final Cut Express.

The newsroom’s official-looking UH welcome mat? A student even donated THAT.