Tools of the Trade

We in Ka Lā beam with pride and arrogance that we publish the paper and this website on (mostly) our own personal equipment. No, really.

So not only is the campus newsroom run by students, it’s equipped with students’ own stuff. That’s what you call taking ownership of the place. Now where would Ka Lā be without our humble generosity? Besides, we prefer to play with our own toys.

The paper is laid out on Ka Lā Advisor Mike Leidemann’s own personal iMac using Adobe InDesign.

A former staffer brought in a table, while another donated a Keurig. Larry supplies the coffee.

Eddie’s always got his GoPro Hero 5 in his pocket, along with some sick dive equipment. He works off a sexy new HP laptop. Eddie is assigned the other newsroom’s SLR, a Canon T2i to shoot stills and video with.

JonZ shoots with his phone (to all you photo snobs, there’s nothing wrong with shooting with a phone). His SLR is a Canon 300D Rebel outfitted with genuine Canon USM lenses, and backs it up with a Canon G10 professional-grade compact camera.

Freddie also shoots with a Canon G10.

Larry shoots with his Nikon D200, which is as cranky as he is. His backup is a sexy Leica Digilux 2. Video is shot on a Sony HDR-FX7 HDV camcorder, and in his pocket he carries a BlackBerry PRIV which can shoot video in 4k. He types his stuff up on a couple of Lenovo ThinkPads, and edits photos and video on a Mac Powerbook G4, using Adobe Photoshop Elements and iMovie HD. And when he’s in the mood, he plays vinyl off his ION turntable.

The newsroom’s official-looking UH welcome mat? Larry even brought THAT in.