About us

Ka Lā is the official newspaper and website of the Student Media Board of Honolulu Community College. It is written for and by students of the school.
The web site strives to print news of the campus and other things students are interested in on a daily basis. The paper and web site are funded by student fees.
For more information, contact the Student Media Board office at 845-9213 or email us at hcckala@gmail.com

Student Media Board officers

 Chairperson: Angelina Peralta

Ka Lā Editor: Hillary Brown

Faculty Advisers: Emily Kukulies. Mike Leidemann (leideman@hawaii.edu)

Staff writers: Sean Brown, Alyssa Baligad, Maia Miller
Ka Lā invites letters to the editor, articles, events, advertising, and classifieds.
Ka Lā reserves the right to refuse or edit submissions.

Editors and writers are responsible for content, which does not necessarily reflect
the opinion of HonCC faculty or staff.

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