Writng workshops this semester

The Writing Center has people to help with any writing question or problem.

The Writing Center is offering a series of  workshops this semester open to all students and instructors.

The first workshop will  be on “How to format using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Mac Pages. ” It will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16 in the writing center., which is located in Building 71, the portable classrooms located at the ewa end of campus.

Other workshops planned for this semester include:
• Jan. 23.  Subject/verb agreement
• Feb. 4. MLA/APA
• Feb. 13.  Paragraph Development
• Feb. 20.  Revising for an Audience
• Feb. 25.  Planning Your Essay
• March 6.  Finalizing your Term Paper
For more information about the center and its workshops , contact Conred Maddox , conred@hawaii.edu.

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